Sunday, February 18, 2018


Well, hello there.  Hubby and I are back home from our whirlwind trip to Nevada.  It feels good to be back home and in my bed.  I have already started back on our 'normal' routine of things.  Last night I made out our menus for the next week.  Today, after church, I made out the grocery list and after I finish updating my blog, I am going to go and get groceries for the week.  A loaf of bread was put in the bread machine just before we left for church and it is now cooling on the cooling rack.  

But you didn't come here to hear about my morning, did you.  Let me show you what I have going on.

Car Socks.  I got the cuff started before we left on our trip.  I didn't get as much done on them as I wanted to.  I drove both directions this time, so knitting time was limited to the down time I had in the hotel room, which wasn't much.

We did a bit of this:

Hubby was the lucky person this time.  I held my own but did not really have any big wins like he did.

And we HAD to do this:

Our newest great nephew...............Liam Allen.  He is adorable and I loved holding and feeding him.  He is only a week old, so he is brand new!

We got my MIL settled into her new place and it is absolutely wonderful.  Everyone there is smiling all the time and so very helpful.  She will have excellent care there.  They do not let her just sit in her room and watch TV either.  She has already been to a root beer float social, a classical music concert and even bingo where she won a dollar for the canteen they have there.  That canteen is loaded with all sorts of goodies too.  LOTS of candy, which she will love.  

Now that I am back home, I can pick up my Midnight Sunset shawl again too.  It is going to be quite chilly this week, so it will be the perfect item to work on as well as the socks.  Hubby is all excited about the socks as they are for him again.  He even wore his homemade socks in Vegas.  He said they are so comfy and keep his feet nice and warm.  (well ya!)  

We did have some sad news while we were gone.  My nephew's fiance passed away quite unexpectedly.  She was only 29 years old.  My nephew is absolutely devastated, as you can imagine.  We are not able to make the funeral as it is tomorrow in Texas and that is a solid 2 day drive there.  I let my nephew know and he was so gracious about it.  He does have his siblings with him as well as his parents. They were together for 7 years and engaged for 4 years. She was a much loved person and will be greatly missed.  This will be quite an adjustment for him over the next months.  

Hopefully, this will end the chain of unfortunate events in our lives.  I am sure my hubby is tired of seeing me with tears in my eyes.  I know I am tired of having them there so often.  

I am off to go and get the groceries so I can come home and get to the laundry.  Having been in a casino for the past 4 days, the clothes we wore has a distinct aroma of cigarette smoke on them.  Being an ex-smoker, it makes me crave a cigarette.  So I want to get them all washed and smelling like Downy again.

Until next time..........................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

On the Road Again

Image result for on the road again

We are packing our bags, making lists for dog sitters, finishing up the laundry, cleaning out the fridge, and taking a quick lesson from a physical therapist on how to handle MIL for a 5 hour car ride.  We are so excited to get her to her new facility.  I just know she will get wonderful care there.  It is the highest rated facility in the state.  Take a look at the entrance.

Image result for nevada state veterans home boulder city

It is just as nice inside too.  It is all very well maintained and the staff is so friendly and fun to be around.  Not depressing at all.

Just down the road from her, is my Father in Law's final resting place.  It is the veteran's cemetery.  This is what greets you as you drive through there.

Image result for nevada state veterans home boulder city

This always brings a tear to my eye.  I am quite patriotic.  My dad and Father in Law were WWII vets, I have many friends who were in Vietnam, my youngest son and his wife are in the Navy, my nephews are in the Air Force.  Yup, VERY patriotic!

We leave tomorrow morning.  I am looking forward to a little away time too.  Hubby and I will come home on Saturday.  We decided to spend a day just for ourselves, otherwise we would come home on Friday.  We need to go through all of my MIL's clothes, at her house and get the ones marked that will be going with her.  She also wants some of her personal pictures and knick knacks to decorate her room with.  So Thursday will be spent doing all that.  Friday, we are meeting up with some dear friends for a lovely dinner and then off we go home on Saturday.  It will be busy but we both know this is for the best.  We have turned over power of attorney to a brother that lives there, so that is another thing off hubby's plate.

I have been busy on the crafting front to.

I finished the cake yarn shawl.  One again this is the "To the Point" pattern.  I am in love with this pattern, as I am sure you have guessed.  Once this one was done, I ran out to buy some earthy colored yarn for another one.

This is Caron Simply Soft yarn.  It is so soft and smooshy.  I think this one is my favorite so far.  The yarn is a tweed.

It is loaded with brown and black specks throughout it.  I made labels for all the shawls and have sewn them in so they won't get lost in the laundry.

I had to decide what project to take for the road trip.  The Midnight Sunset shawl has 3 colors with it and they are all big skeins.  So, that got knocked out of the competition.  I realized, I do not have any socks on the needles!  I was going to take the wool I won from Knitterarium but.........The pattern I am going to use needs my full attention.  Not ideal when watching scenery and talking.  So.........................I found I had one skein of self striping yarn.  I have been watching Casey doing all these lovely self striping yarn socks and have been envious of their beauty.  I will do my favorite traveling pattern, "Car Socks" with it.

This is a horrible photo.  The yarn is bright white, vibrant red and a rich gray.  I will make these for hubby this time.  I haven't told him yet, it is a little surprise for him.  I want to try and get both of them cast on and the ribbing done before we leave tomorrow.  Then it is mindless knitting in the round until the heel comes along.  Perfect car knitting.

I think I have rambled on long enough.  The laundry is buzzing and I need to get on to other chores before we go for our physical therapy instructions this afternoon.

Until next time.............happy crafting!!!!!!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Week 33

Happy Sunday all.  Thirty three weeks into this YOP and I am still posting weekly.  It is amazing with all that has happened in the past 33 weeks.  I have found, blogging has helped me so much with my emotional well being.  My readers have been so supportive and offer so many kind words.  It makes my heart sing.

Today, I have lots of craftiness to show you.  First up, a finished item.

Yea!  The Hermione Everyday socks are completed.  It actually should be cool enough for me to wear them on Valentine's day too.

I also started and finished another Point to Point shawl.

This one went to my mother in law and she loves it!   She is always chilled and this is the perfect size for someone in a wheelchair.  It will not drag on the wheels like a sweater does.

Last night, I realized my mother in law is heading back to Nevada this week and thought it would be a good idea if she had a couple more shawls to keep her warm.  So I started another Point to Point.

This is one of those cake yarns.  I am not extremely happy with the way the color changes are but........she will love it when it is done.  I should have it completed this afternoon and then will  start another one right away and have it finished tomorrow.  I will do the next one in more neutral tones........if I can find that color in my stash.  I have it in DK weight so may just have to increase the number of points by one and make them a bit longer to accommodate for the difference in yarn weight or.........................go and buy 550 yards of an earth toned worsted weight yarn.  That actually sounds  like a better idea to me.  LOL  Phew.......see what I mean about this blog being so good for me?

Knitterrarium's new pattern was released on Thursday.  Of course I picked it up straight away and started on it.  Midnight Sunset.

Here is where I am:

It is a bit scrunched up.  I am loving the rhythmic feel of this shawl.  I am using the color palette from our sunsets we have here.

I am taking the dark burgundy and the light silver colors from this photo.  I added the pink, which is a color that appears in our sunrises here.  This photo was taken in my back yard about 2 years ago.  It has become my screen saver on my phone, hence all the little stuff at the top.  I have since lost the photo out of my gallery so am at the mercy of phone photo to show you.

We heard from the Veteran's facility in Nevada last week and they say Mother In Law will be admitted there this week.  I was supposed to stay home and get things settled here while others helped hubby get mom to her new place.  Looks like I am going to be going since everyone seems to have 'stuff' on their plate and just can't get away for 2-3 days.  So, I am scrambling to find a dog sitter/feeder while I am gone.  Fingers crossed!

On top of everything else, we helped or son and his family move to their new house this week.  It was a lot of work but am so happy for them to finally find a house they love.

Our son, in the Navy, was nominated as the Honor Graduate by his fellow officers in his Senior Enlisted Academy class.  It is a pretty big deal and we are super proud of him.

Once again, we had overnight guests at our home.  It was only for one night and I got to see a niece I haven't seen in almost a year.  Once MIL is moved back to her home state, our company visits will diminish greatly.  We are looking forward to doing some traveling this year and with my mom gone and his mom now being taken care of, we will be more free to come and go as we please.  THIS is what we envisioned for retirement!

Until next time.......................Happy Crafting!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018


Normally I don't post until Wednesday.  But I am just too excited to wait another day.  Besides, I am the boss of this blog and I can post anytime I want LOL.  I gave that same advice to Stefanie yesterday and it sounds just as good today.

Anyway, The reason I am so excited is:

1.  The Eagles won the super bowl.  That made me very happy.

2. I have worked very hard on my sock and this is where I stopped last night just before bed.

I should have it completed by the new YOP post on Sunday.

3.  I received my prize from Knitterarium.  I had entered into her shawl knitting contest last year.  I only managed to do a couple of her shawls before things went haywire at home.  But, those shawls put me into the year end drawing for prizes and I was one of the winners!  Wanna see what all was in my package?  Ok, but first, let me tell you how fun it was to get a package from Ireland.  I have never received an international package before. was all wrapped up in purple!  My fave color.  Ok, let's take a look at the contents.

Not the best photo but it was dark by the time I got it.  So, I decided to break it down for you.

A couple of lovely teas that I am looking forward to drinking.  How appropriate too.  These are not teas we get here in the states.  They both sound yummy too.

A lovely project bag.  I love project bags and never seem to have enough of them.  This is large enough to hold a shawl project.  Speaking of which, Knitterarium is releasing a new shawl pattern this Thursday, called "Midnight Sunset".  I already have my calendar marked to go and buy it.  Her shawl patterns are some of the best I have ever knitted.  The instructions are very clear and she is always available to help with any questions.  If you purchase it the day of release, she normally discounts them that day too.  You can find all of her patterns here. There are a few others of hers that will be going into my pattern stock soon too.

Will you look at this yummy yarn!  It is so soft and cuddly.  I could just pet it and be happy.  Actually, I have a sock pattern in mind for this already.  I have only felt one other skein of wool this soft.  This is Green Elephant hand dyed yarn.  What a lovely color too.  Quite vibrant.

Last but not least.........Are these not the sweetest stitch markers and progress keeper ever?  I am in love with them and they are already in my carry along knitting supply case.  Little novel things like this make me smile.

Thank you Ruth for your thoughtfulness.

Until next time...........happy crafting!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 4, 2018


Did you notice what I did there in the title of this post?  That is in honor of today being Super Bowl Sunday here in the States.  Will you be watching it?  I know we will.  We are cheering for the Eagles this year.  Since we lived in the Philadelphia metro area for 4 year, we kind of consider the Eagles one of 'our' teams to cheer for.  Hubby will be smoking some chicken wings and I have made a few snacks for us to enjoy our game watching with.

Football is also the perfect time to be working on some sort of yarnie goodness.  Today I will be focusing on:

Hermione's Everyday Socks.  As you can see, I only did about 8 rows since last week's update.  Those rows were all done late last night just before I went to bed.  The poor sock has sat idle in my project bag all week.  Why, you ask?

This is why.

I completed the Mrs Hughes' Faroese Adventure shawl on Friday night.  That thing is huge!  I can take the front ends and wrap them around my middle and they can tie in the back! (I am not a small person either)  I even cut the pattern shorter than it was supposed to be.  I should have done another 5 inches on this and then added a picot edging.  Not being a fan of picot edges, I was going to opt out of that anyway.  I was just done with this shawl by the time I got to where I was and just decided to end it.

As soon as I completed this shawl, I wanted to find another crochet shawl pattern to work on.  I needed one that would use more of my worsted weight yarn.  That yarn makes a pattern go so much quicker.  I found a pattern and took off with it.

I started this late Friday night and finished it Saturday morning.  It took about 10 hours total to complete.  It is the perfect size too.  On me, it hits me right at my elbows and is just about to my waist in the back.  This is the "To the Point" pattern and is free on Ravelry.  It used about 550 yards of worsted weight yarn and a size I hook.  I will be making many more of this pattern.  It has just enough interest to not be boring but not so much that you can not watch TV or have a conversation while doing it.  I have seen this done in the 'cake' yarns and it is really pretty too.  I have some variegated yarn that is screaming to be used and I might try that yarn on this too.

I am going to try and search today for the tutorial on how to do the chain 3 turn with out doing the chain 3.  It makes for such a nicer looking edge.  I have always wanted to give it a try and with this pattern, it would be so much nicer looking.  If any of you know where to find that tutorial, let me know in the comments section.

Hubby got home safely on Friday afternoon.  It was a quick trip for sure but we are quite hopeful that we will hear from the Veterans Home this week as to when we can move my Mother in Law up there.  We were informed it will be anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months.  Fingers crossed for the 2 weeks time frame.

I am still working on getting my mom's funeral arrangements made.  I will be calling her home church next week and talking to the Senior Pastor there.  He never met her but all the pastors that did know her are not available for the time frame we have for the funeral.  Just another little fly in the ointment around here.  I am quite hopeful her financials will be completed by the end of this month so I can close out all her accounts and get that out of my hair.  I guess I am not a very patient person.  I just thought this would go much smoother than it did.  

Just in case you are wondering................our weather here is gorgeous.  We are in the high 70's during the day and in the 50's at night.  I am so loving sitting in my rocking chair on the front porch and enjoying this lovely weather.  I have decided I  need a cushion for the seat of the chair.  After about 30 minutes, my behind starts to complain about the hard wood it is sitting on.  There is a place here in town that sells outdoor cushions at a great price.  I will be heading there this week to pick up a couple of them.

That is all for today's post.

Until next time........................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!